Prof. K. L. YEUNG
  1. The smart antimicrobial coating developed by the team of Prof. K.L. Yeung and Prof. Joseph Kwan has been shown to be effective against drug-resistant microorganisms under clinical and nonclinical settings following a number of clinical field tests carried in partnership with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and the Center for Health Protection.
  2. Room temperature technologies for treatment of malodors related to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia produced by microorganisms were developed under an ITF sponsored project lead by Prof. K.L. Yeung and Dr. N.T. Lau.
    The technologies were field tested in HKUST sewer line showing a clear decrease in hydrogel sulfide level to below odor threshold.
  3. Selective adsorbents for target removal of heavy metals from brackish and seawater were developed under an ECCW project lead by Prof. K.L. Yeung. Heavy and toxic metals including copper, chromium and arsenic known to pollute coastal water and contaminate shellfish were removed in presence of high salt, mineral and organic concentrations from seawater.
  4. Pulsed-electric field technology was demonstrated to be effective for tapwater disinfection and thus avoiding the need for chemical disinfectant. A field test at local hospital will be carried out under sponsorship of ITF.