Prof. Zhongming LU

Developing a sustainable urban system is one key solution to achieve sustainable future. Urban Systems are a combination of infrastructures, humans, and the nature. Managing this system requires a holistic understanding of the demands for energy, water, and foods. We also need to study technologies, planning and management solutions that can effectively fulfil these needs with near-zero environmental impacts.

At HKUST, we are conducting transdisciplinary researches that combine the knowledge of computer simulation, data science, engineering technology modeling, and social economic analysis to analyze solutions that can be adopted at urban scale to create transformative sustainability benefits. Our current research focuses on technologies that can enable near-zero carbon energy supply, zero-waste system, and water-resilient land use. We are creating new knowledge that can help understand: 1) the application of technologies, planning and management solutions for sustainable cities; 2) performance-based urban planning and management; 3) collaborative frameworks for policy makers to manage the city.