Prof. Zhi NING
  1. Prof. NING’s research activities include the development of Environmental Sensors, involving sensor design and its integration with sensor algorithm, which are applied in many environmental applications, such as NO2 purification at PTIs, Smart City Lamppost development, In-campus Indoor Air Quality assessment, etc. under Transport Department, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and HKUST funded projects, respectively.
  2. A proof-of-the-concept protocol for UAV sensor sniffing technology was developed, for the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department to monitor, in real-time, the plume emissions from ocean-going vessels. The protocol was tested successfully, during May - September 2019, in the waters of the Cyberport area, North and South Lamma Island.
  3. The physiochemical and toxicological characterization of aerosols is also a part of the team research activities. In a recent study (February 2020), Prof. NING’s team, in co-ordination with State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan University, China, has determined SARS-CoV-2 concentration in aerosol and their aerodynamic characteristics in two hospitals of Wuhan.