Prof. Gerald R PATCHELL

I am primarily interested in why and how stakeholders balance competition and cooperation and negotiate the cost and benefits of working together. Theoretically, my research foundations are in new institutional economics and common pool resource theory. This interest on ‘coopetition’ began with the study of manufacturer supplier relations in the Japanese robot, housing and automobile industries. It then grew to encompass interactions with secondary stakeholders in governments, industry associations and others in contexts such as electric vehicle development, wine regions, and ski resorts. Most research over the last couple of decades has been concerned with coopetition in sustainable development. Recent projects concern: coopetition among cities in the GBA on air pollution and other environmental issues; the introduction of commercial and industrial purchases of renewable energy to electricity grids in the US and globally by the five big cloud computing companies; and investigating Hong Kong’s fishing communities as a keystone community for sustainable fisheries and related industries.