Master of Science / Postgraduate Diploma in
Environmental Science and Management (EVSM)

MSc Project Supervising List

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2022 - 2023
Year Student Name Title
2023 CHAN, King Cheung Blockchain Strategies for Green Startups to Survive and Create Value
2023 CHAU, Wang Fung Multi-Purpose Raster Calculator for Environmental Scientists: A Comprehensive Tool for Spatial Data Analysis
2023 CHEN, Jifei Urban overheating due to accelerating climate change in southeast’s Asia major metropolises and its impacts on mental health
2023 GUO, Junyu Causes and effects of the nocturnal high ozone concentration phenomenon
2023 HE, Yi The impacts of 2022 drought on surface water in China
2023 LEUNG, Pui Yee Addressing the Potential and Obstacles of Domestic Foodwaste Recycling System in Hong Kong: Case Study in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
2023 LI, Shiyuan Human Interface for Infective Behaviour Change to Multiple Health Risk
2023 LI, Sze Nga A Literature Review of ESG Rating Discrepancy
2023 LIAN, Jiahui Integrated User Interface Design for Real-time Visualization and Scenario Simulation of Ship Trajectories and Emissions in The Marine Environment of Southern China
2023 PAN, Zihua
  • Geothermal energy development in Asia
  • Decarbonization Target Setting with Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)
2023 PARK, So Hyun
  • Social Taxonomy: Policy Discussion, Debate and Direction
  • Carbon Credit Ratings System: The Criteria to be Considered
2023 TO, Wai Yi Effects of Artificial Lighting at Night (ALAN) On Avian Behaviour and Ecology
2023 WANG, Yuchen Identification of Climate Change hot spots over China Estimated by Heat Mortality
2023 WANG, Zixuan Analysis of the Pollution Characteristics of Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds (OVOCs) of Seaborne Air within Hong Kong Waters
2023 YIN, Weiluo Indoor Air Pollutants: Characteristics, Impacts and Mitigation
2023 ZHAO, Jing The assessment of Carbon Footprint Calculator Applications
2023 ZHOU, Runjing Characterization of roadside volatile organic compounds at a suburban area in Hong Kong
2022 DEODHAR, Aditi Parag Impact Comparison of Sustainable Drinking Straw Alternatives Using Life Cycle Assessment
2022 FANG, Xinyu Common Ground Taxonomy Climate Change Adaptation
2022 GUO, Junyu Loss and Damage Agenda in International Climate Policy
2022 HAN, Qinyu Regulations on ESG Information Disclosure in China
2022 LOK, Ka Hei Potential Alternative Energy in Hydrogen Fusion
2022 PANG, Yu Shan Extreme Heat and Public Health Concerns in Cities
2022 TANG, Xinqi Parametric Life Cycle Analysis Methods: A Critical Analysis of the Current State of Knowledge
2022 YU, Shiu Hang A Review on Proposed Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers in Hong Kong
2022 ZHAO, Jiawen The Development of Carbon Credit Standards and Implications for Mainland China
2021 - 2022
Year Student Name Title
2022 DONG, Yixian Types and Principles of Formaldehyde Sensors and Their Applications in Indoor Detection
2022 LI, Xiaozhuo Research and Analysis of Green Bonds in Chinese Market
2022 CAI, Yihan Review of the EU and Chinese Emission Trading Systems and Proposal to Implement Carbon Trading in Hong Kong
2022 CHANG, Xuanyi Propose a Natural Language Extraction Framework to Identify the Impact of Climate Change on Natural Disasters
2022 CHEN, Wanyu Gap Analysis on the Sustainability of the Food Supply Chain System
2022 CHENG, Ka Shuen Characterization of Atmospheric OVOCS During Air Pollution Episode
2022 CHU, Kiu Kwan Mitigation Wetlands in Hong Kong - A Success?
2022 DIAO, Shunong Collectives Action and Transaction Costs in Saudi Arabia
2022 FAN, Dexin Life cycle impact and cost analysis of district cooling systems: an update of past MSc projects using HKUST campus as an example
2022 GAN, Shuting Data-driven Modeling and futerpretation of Tree Falling Risk in Hong Kong Built-up Areas during the Typhoon Mangkhut
2022 GUO, Haoyu The Relationship Between Epidemic Control and Cultural Background
2022 HE, Feiyang Comparison of Regulations on Food Packaging Plastics in China and The EU
2022 HU, Yixin Evaluate and improve the classification algorithms of the PRAISE-HK Tracking System
2022 JEGA, Abdulmajid Bashir Renewable Energy Development in China, the US, and the EU
2022 LAU, Hoi Yan The Impacts of Aquaculture on China's Sustainable Development
2022 LI, Tianyi Environmental Conflicts and Management of Ecologically Sensitive Areas: A Comparison of Taiwan and Mainland China
2022 LI, Yan Ki Validation of Air Quality Exposure thought Measurement and Modelling
2022 LIAO, Yuwei A Theoretical Literature Review of Attention and Information overload
2022 LYU, Xuechun Literature Review of the Common Ground Taxonomy
2022 MEINTJES, Ryan Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Carbon Capture and Storage in China's Cement Production Industry
2022 SADAKMEERAN, Aysha A comparative analysis and identification of heat stress hotspot caused by 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise in 3 different regions in Asia
2022 SHI, Yunhui
  • Current Sustainability Practices of Mainland China Universities and their Progress towards Sustainability Development Goals
  • Impact of Sustainable Development Practices on on Raw Material Sourcing Strategies by Companies in Textile Industry in Hong Kong
2022 WANG, Xuntao Regional Air Quality Modeling
2022 WONG, Ching Nam Estimation of the Hong Kong International Airport Emission in 2017
2022 WONG, Hiu Tung An Exploratory Study on Microchip Based Sensing Technology Development
2022 XU, Cheng The Development of the International Sustainability Standards Board
2022 YI, Jung Yong Towards Sustainable Engineered Nano Materials Industries - Recent Literatures Review on ENM Workers Health and Safety Issues
2021 DONG, Yixian Six Sustainable Materials for Green Buildings
2021 GAO, Wendi Evaluation of human-induced changes in extreme precipitation over the yellow river basin
2021 JEGA, Abdulmajid Bashir Urban Farming
2021 KONG, Ho Yin Assessment of Antimicrobial Coated Filters in Long-term Care Facility for Elderly in HK
2021 LIAO, Yuwei Impact of China’s Import Restriction on the Scrap Steel Flow Network and the Domestic Steel Sustainability
2021 LIU, Yujia Future Change in Precipitation Characteristics over West China under Global Warming
2021 PANG, Yu Shan Urban Gardening: Nourishing Individual, Social and Environmental Health
2021 SUN, Simin Research on Green Finance Development in Greater Bay Area
2021 TSANG, Kin Tak Esther Waste Management Strategies in Comestics Industry - Maximising Waste Reduction in Cosmetics Product Lifecycle Focusing on Distribution & Retail
2021 WANG, Xihang A Review of Technology and Strategy Development on Hydrogen Engergy
2021 WONG, Kam Ming Jon Comparing the Corporate Governance of Local Property Developer and Reit in Driving Sustainability
2021 WU, Fan The Role of Forestry in Achieving "Zero Carbon Emissions"
2020 - 2021
Year Student Name Title
2021 HAUSNER, Christian Kevin Effects of indoor plants on humans in the built environment
2021 HUAN, Xiao He The impact of global warming on Madden Julian Oscillation
2021 QIU, Yuyin Flexible Ceramic for Treating Emulsified Oil
2021 TANG, Fei Lung Review of Site of Special Scientific Interest in Hong Kong
2021 TANG, Zhiqing Changes of Extreme Precipitation of China under Global Warming
2021 WONG, Pui Ying Natalie Mechanisms and governance arrangements for sustainable forest management: A literature review
2021 WONG, Sze Nga The impact of shipping operation to the marine environment
2021 XIONG, Xueshan Public Participation Governance In Household Solid Waste Management (HSWM): Case Study In Chongqing, China
2021 XU, Tong The analysis of carbon emission management in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
2021 YANG, Yitong Case Study of the ESG Work Development of Cosmetics Companies
2021 YIN, Yijing Blockchain technology for solar energy projects
2021 ZHOU, Hong Impacts of Environmental Factors on BVOCS Emission
2020 LAU, Pak Kwan What is sustainable eating: how and why should we think before we eat?
2020 LI, Xiaorong What are the major obstacles for construction and demolition waste management in China ? A case study in Shenzhen
2020 MA, Mengyuan Satellite remote sensing data analysis on volatile organic compounds emissions from biological sources under different external conditions
2020 SHUAI, Jiang The Cost of Environmental Regulation
2020 XU, Boyu Application of Satellite Remote Sensing in Harmful Algal Blooms
2020 XU, Tong Prevalence of perfluoroalkyl pollutant in treatment plant effluent and surface water in Mainland China and current State-of-the-Art in Treatment Technologies
2019 - 2020
Year Student Name Title
2020 DI, Yiheng Policies and incentive schemes on the development of wind energy
2020 HUANG, Dianyi Impact of Particulate Matter Air Pollution on Agriculture Crops
2020 HUI, Chun Ho A Study of Government AL Policies and Incentive Schemes in the Promotion of Solar Energy in Hong Kong, Asian, European and North American Countries
2020 KAM, Ho Man A Review of PM2.5 Studies in Hong Kong
2020 LAU, Chak Bon A Review on the Indoor Air Quality of Gymnasium in Hong Kong
2020 LAU, Christopher Kai Man Climate change: The impacts on human health and preparedness in Hong Kong
2020 LEUNG, Tak Chun June Plastic Pollution: How Can WE Reduce Plastic Waste on University Campuses?
2020 LI, Weizhi Developing Microenvironment Classifiers to Estimate Individual Air Pollution Exposure Based Upon GPS-tracking Service
2020 LIU, Ning Environmental Regulation and Marginal CO2 Abatement Costs of China
2020 LIU, Ziyang Review on Remote Sensing Applications for Urban Planning
2020 LO, Wing Tung Design UI/UX interface for the Air Quality App- PRAISE-HK - A case study for the investigation of the effects of air-quality parameters on health symptoms
2020 MAO, Yihui Examination of Personal Exposure to Air pollutant in Different Microenvironment based on the Microenvironment Exposure Model
2020 MEI, Ting Environmental Regulation and Marginal CO2 Abatement Costs of China
2020 NG, Tsz Wun Yvonne The Effect of Greenwashing Perception on Green Brand Equity: A Research on Apparel Brands Based in China
2020 SUN, Ningshan The User Interface of ‘PRAISE-HK’
2020 WANG, Yi Global Electric Vehicle Markets: Development and Polices
2020 XU, Zijing Understanding Spatial Variability of Air Quality Inside Tunnels and Roads
2020 YU, Danna Analysis of Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Urban Development in China using NPP-VIIRS Nighttime light Data
2020 ZHANG, Zhi Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds – Sources and Health Impacts
2020 ZHENG, Shuqi Fine Scale Air Quality Modeling
2020 ZHONG, Weiwei The Impact of Light Pollution - From Animals to Humans
2020 ZHOU, Yihang Chemical Composition, Sources and Health Impacts of Coarse Particulate Matter
2020 ZUO, Ziping Investigation of Various PBL Schemes in WRF on Wind Speed and Temperature
2019 CHAN, Yun Ngok Characteristics and Health Impacts of Traffic-Related Emissions
2019 GUAN, Ke A Comprehensive Analysis of Smart and Sustainable Transportation System in Wuhan
2019 GUO, Mingqi Stabucks Long-Term Environmental Sustainable Strategy
2019 HE, Shuyi The Factors Influencing the Carbon Trading Price: A Study Based on the Emission Trading Scheme in China
2019 HUI, Kim Yi Supply Chain of a Gap Cotton T-Shirt and Its Carbon Footprint
2019 JIANG, Nanyu Understanding the Potential Impacts of Extreme Temperatures in Response to 1.5°C and 2°C Global Warming
2019 LI, Siying A Case Study of the Environmental Strategy of Procter & Gamble
2019 LIN, Yuanrou The Benefits and Obstacles of Promoting Green Infrastructures in Hong Kong
2019 LIU, Ning A Comparative Study of the Global Carbon Trading System and Carbon Tax System
2019 LIU, Xiaoyi Retrofitting Existing Building to Smart Building in Qingdao
2019 MA, Mengxuan Review on volatile Organic Compound Monitoring Studies in Pearl River Delta Region
2019 MEI, Ting Environmental Protection Tax and Its Influence in China
2019 SUN, Kexin The Development Trend of Renewable Energy in China for the Last Twenty Years
2019 WU, Yi The Rationality of Target - Setting Policy for Air Pollution Prevention and Control Plan
2019 YU, Pak Wei Effects of PM2.5 Pollution on Pregnant Women and Infants and the Sources of Relevant PM2.5 Components
2019 YUNG, Cheuk Hin Studies on Health Risk of Indoor Air Pollutant: Radon in Underground Services Tunnels, HKUST
2018 - 2019
Year Student Name Title
2019 CHAN, Kwan Yung Denise PRAISE-HK Model Integrations & Its Uncertainties
2019 CHEN, Liuxiao Study on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality of Three Schools in Hong Kong
2019 CHEN, Wanying Evaluating Cumulus Schemes Simulation in Difference Precipitation Case by WRF Model
2019 CHU, Mengyuan Upstream Industrial Emissions, Downstream Water Pollution and Human Health Impact
2019 FANG, Panwen
  • A Review of Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging
  • Contributions Of Environmental Ngos To Environmental Education In China
2019 GUO, Ben The Role of Biochar as a Carbon Mitigation Strategy
2019 HO, Yue Hang
  • Does the new standard of The BEAM Plus New Building Version 2.0 (NBv2.0) (2018.12) suppo1i the IPCC Special Report global warming of 1.5°C 1 carbon emission reduce 45% by 2030 and I 00% by 2050?
  • What are the drivers of corporate sustainability? In particular, what are the drivers of corporate sustainability in automotive industries?
2019 HU, Chengjin Integrating Sustainability into ‘Smart Cities’ Strategy
2019 JIA, Minyu Analysis of Oxalate Concentrations in PM2.5 and PM10 at a Suburban Coastal Site in Hong Kong
2019 JIA, Ru
  • A Review of Oil Pollution and Treatment Based on Hydrophobic Materials
  • Categorical Analysis of Real Time Pollution Emission from Operating Vessells in Pearl River Delta Region
2019 LIN, Yuxin Atmospheric Modelling by Using WRF
2019 LIU, Cheuk Yee Mavis Eliminating Single-Use Plastic at Link REIT in Hong Kong
2019 LIU, Qiuyue How Iron and Steel Companies Respond to Production Restriction Policy
2019 MA, Jin Life-cycle Impact Assessment of District Cooling and Individual Cooling Systems: The Comparison Using Kai Tak, Hong Kong as a Study Case
2019 SHEN, Xiaoxian The Impacts of Environmental Factors on Food Spoilage Microorganisms of Chilled Pork and Freshcut Lettuce
2019 SHEN, Zheyuan How Does the Corporate Life Cycle Affect the Financing Structure of Renewable Energy Enterprises?—Taking Listed Wind Power Company as Examples
2019 SIRANI, Chiara Eliminating Single-Use Plastic at Link REIT in Hong Kong
2019 SO, Hor Kay Holly Analysis of corporate climate disclosures in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area from the perspective of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
2019 SO, Wing In Eliminating Single-Use Plastic at Link REIT in Hong Kong
2019 SUN, Chang The Development Efficiency of Renewable Energy Industry In EU and China
2019 WANG, Zhaorui A Preliminary Study of Organosulfates in Atmospheric Aerosols Detected by LC/MS in Suburban Beijing, Cnina
2019 WONG, Shiao-hua A Study on Raising Awareness of Risk Factors for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Office Computer Workers
2019 XU, Xiaotian Abundance and Temporal Variation Characteristics of Atmospheric Water-Soluble Inorganic Ions at Hok Tsui, Hong Kong
2019 YUAN, Yixuan Global Perspectives from Businesses on Sustainability Skills and Competencies of Their Employees
2019 ZHANG, Shaolizhi What is Sustainability Economics
2018 CHEN, Silin Occupational Health Concerns of Electronic Sports Players
2018 CHENG, Kiu Chun Global Marine Emissions Estimates by Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data
2018 CHEUNG, Ka Hei Marine Emission Calculation From Using AIS
2018 HU, Zhenyu Factors Hindering The Development of Electric Vehicles in China
2018 JIANG, Jiaao Analysis of Consumers' Willingness to Pay for sustainable Products
2018 LIN, Zhiqi Local and Regional Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Yuen Long, Hong Kong
2018 OU, Wanyi China’s Wind Power Market Development, Challenges, and Future Prospects
2017 - 2018
Year Student Name Title
2018 CHEN, Siwen Investigation of Outdoor Fine Particles Infiltrations in Classroom and Non-Classrooms at 9 Schools Using Window-Type Ventilation System in Hong Kong
2018 CHEN, Xi The Temporal and Spatial Variation of Aromatic Acids in PM2.5 AT DG, GZ, NH, NS Sites in the Pearl River Delta Region, China
2018 FAN, Xiaoyu The Impacts of WRF Cumulus Parameterization Schemes in Typhoon Prediction
2018 FUNG, Tsun Sing 13 Years to Go: If following the current policies and developments, should the transportation sectors in Hong Kong be able to help meet the 2030 absolute carbon reduction target of 26-36% as promised in the latest Climate Action Plan 2030+?
2018 GUO, Xingyue Carbon Emissions Trading In China Past, Present And Future
2018 HAO, Yifan Evaluating the Performance of Various Cumulus Schemes in Typhoon Simulation by WRF Model
2018 HE, Jiahuan Laboratory Waste Management Practice at HKUST
2018 HO, Cho Ming Study on Carpool Services and Sustainability in Hong Kong
2018 LEE, Hyunjin Insight into the Future of Green Cosmetics Business
2018 LIANG, Yaofang Antibacterial Test of Graphene Aerogel and Mixed Metal Oxide Composites for Air Filtration Application
2018 TANG, Kimberly Tasha Jiayi Infiltration of PM2.5 between Indoor and Outdoor Environment Among Different Ventilation Systems at Four Schools in Hong Kong
2018 WANG, Silin New Odor Control Technologies for Drainage System
2018 WONG, Kam Shing A Study on the Risks and Preventive Measures of Hearing Loss to Musicians
2018 XIANG, Sihan Cost-benefit Analysis of the Abolition of Exemption from First Registration Tax of Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong
2018 XIE, Kaiwen How to Change Consumers' Food Consumption Behaviors to Obtain a More Sustainable Lifestyle in Hong Kong?
2018 YANG, Shuyi Risks and Suggestions for Environmental Protection of China's Overseas Investment under “The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” Initiative
2018 YU, Jiahui Modified Titanium Cathodes for Electrochemical Nitrate Reduction of Water
2018 YUNG, Wing Hin The Impact and Feasibility of The Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Plant in Lao PDR
2018 ZHANG, Yue Sustainable Meat Consumption in Hong Kong
2018 ZHU, Chenchen Analysis of the Policy of Natural Gas Substitution to Coal
2017 HE, Jiahuan Overview of Cocoa Value Chain
2017 JIANG, Yifei Environmental Education in China's Secondary Schools
2017 KWAN, Yee Ki Review on Benefits and Barriers of the Applications of Extensive Green Roof Systems in Hong Kong
2017 KWOK, Ming Wai Carbon Trading – A Collective Blessing or Curse?
2017 LIAO, Xinqi Application of PPP Model in Environmental Protection and Environmental Pollution Control
2017 LUO, Yong Tiani The Impact of Air Pollution on Infant Development in Asia
2017 NG, Chiu Yi The Consideration in Sustainable Sports Footwear
2017 ZHANG, Chengchen Circular Economy Policy in the Pearl River Delta Region – Comparative Assessment
2017 ZHANG, Yue Green Supply Chain in the Chinese Sportswear Industry
2016 - 2017
Year Student Name Title
2017 ANDERSEN Fredrik Sharing Economy as a Contributing Solution to Hong Kong's Municipal Solid Waste Problem
2017 CHAN Po Chak The Relationship between Urban Morphology and PM2.5 Concentration in Shenzhen and Hong Kong
2017 CHAN Shu In Zoe Toward Sustainable Water Use: Supply of Dongjiang Water to Hong Kong and Alternative Water Management
2017 CHOI King A Spatial Correlation Study to Assess the Traffic Emission and Property Values of Private Housing Estates in Hong Kong
2017 FENG Wanying
  • PRD Air Pollution Policy
  • The Effectiveness of 11th Five Year Plans and 12th Five Year Plans on Air Pollutants in China
2017 HAN Lu Health Impact of PM2.5, PM1 and PM0.1 in Hong Kong
2017 JIANG Yihan Study of the Secondary School Students' Knowledge and Attitude Towards Air Quality
2017 LAU Ka Yu Ivan Corporate Carbon Accounting and Strategy
2017 LI Jia The Competitiveness Of Water Services in China
2017 LIU Siu Wan Inter-relationship and Integration Of BEAM plus And ISO14001: A Hong Kong Perspective
2017 LO Man Him Tim A Policy Framework to Encourage Greening of Existing Buildings in Hong Kong
2017 MAN Yin Ki Citizerns' Foodwaste Handling Beharior in Hong Kong
2017 POON Wing Kin Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to Classify Residential Areas in Shenzhen based upon Urban Morphology and Ambient Population
2017 TANG Hui Yan A Study of Air Quality Inside Carriages of the Hong Kong Railway Transit System
2017 WANG Lu Aiir Quality Characterization by Microenvironments
2017 WEI Tong A Review of Carbon Market Development in China
2017 ZHANG Dongyu An Association between Traffic Air Pollution, Building Morphology and Mortality of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases in Hong Kong
2017 ZHANG Yifei Access to Drinking Water in China History, Current Situation and Challenges
2016 ANDERSEN Fredrik The Effects of Government Policies to Reduce Roadside Emissions in Hong Kong
2016 CHAN Kin Ching Causations and Preventive Strategies: Case Analysis of Injuries at a Food Catering Corporation in Hong Kong
2016 CHAN Sin A Review on the Effectiveness of Environmental Policies in Hong Kong as Compared to Singapore
2016 LAI Yuwei Prevention of the Spread of the Zika Virus to this Region
2016 WALDMEIER Rafael Market Analysis Sustainable Investment Platform
2016 WANG Xiaobo Air Pollution Meteorology Hazardous Substances Concentrations Comparison in Different Locations in Hong Kong
2016 ZHANG Dongyu An Overview of Economic and Health Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Japan
2015 - 2016
Year Student Name Title
2016 CHENG Ka Wing Study Of The Relations Between Sustainable Hospitlity And Guest Loyalty In Hospitality Industry And Creating Shared Value As An Emerging Concept
2016 CHEUNG Hau Lan Selective Heavy Metal Removal From Seawater
2016 DENG Yue Indoor Air Quality Investigation on Bus Under Closed and Open Ventilation System In Hong Kong
2016 GAO Sheng Analysis of the situation and problems of Ecological Restoration Project in China
2016 HUANG Baozhen The occupational health effect and control method of inspiratory VOCs to workers in pharmaceutical industry
2016 HUANG Hezi
  • Compare and Contrast Hazardous Waste Management Regulatory Requirements in High Education Institutions in Hong Kong and Guangzhou
  • Compare and Contrast Green Building Certification Requirements in Hong Kong (BEAM) and China (Three Star)
2016 JIANG Shangyi Vessel Emissions (SO2 AND NOx) Estimation In Pearl River Delta In Year 2014: A Calculation Using AIS Data
2016 LEE Mei Chen Using Nitrous Oxide as Tracer Gas for Fume hood Containment Tests at CYT Building HKUST
2016 LI Siying Urban Morphology and Air Quality in Hong Kong
2016 LI Suheng The study of the way that ASB Biodiesel (Hong Kong) Ltd. developed and commercialized
2016 LI Tiantian
  • Management Of Water Quality As An Important Public Health Alth Meaure
  • Implementation of Chinese Sustainable Urban Transport Policies
2016 LIN Nan Wind Power
2016 MA Jieqi Indoor And Outdoor Air Pollution Investigation At Comnmercial Buildings In Hong Kong
2016 MAK Kaitlyn Review on Renewable Energy Development and Policy in Hong Kong
2016 NG Ka Cheung Ronny Water Disinfection Methods And Their Public Health Significance
2016 SHI Xueying The Impacts of Winter Heating on Air Quality in North China
2016 WANG Yiting Marine (Beach) Water Quality Assessment And Safety
2016 XIA Yuqing Air Quality in Bus Under Closed Ventilation System and Its Impact On Human Health
2016 XUE Siwei Analysis On Issues Of Standard Setting Mechanisms Behind Air Pollution In China - From Perspective Of Fuel Quality Standards And Vehicle Emission Standards
2016 YANG Xiaohang Using 2015 Global AIS Data To Estimate Marine Emission
2016 YUAN Jingwen How to make carbon trading viable in China? - Lessons and experiences to learn from EU
2016 ZENG Xiaoshan Eco & More: A Green Laundry Brand in Mainland China
2016 ZHANG Mingjun A survey of solid waste and its reduction potential in laboratories at HKUST
2015 GAO Sheng Effect Of Water Price Reform On Residential Water Consumption In Beijing
2015 JIANG Shangyi An Overview of Chinese Carbon Trading Pilots and Future Challenges of Chinese National Emission Trading System
2015 KIM Joo Yun Development of a platform to determine hygroscopicity-resolved chemical composition of ambient aerosols
2015 WALDMEIER Rafael Assessment Of Environment Indicators Currently Used In Esg-Ratings And Other Grading Methodologies For Environmental Related Investment Decisions
2015 WEN Juncheng The Influence Of Policy On Chinese Golf Course Sustainable Development
2015 YU Sin Man Type, Cause And Side Effect Of Wearing Protective Glove And Their Improvement
2014 - 2015
Year Student Name Title
2015 ANNOH Kwabena Yankyera
  • Correlation between Morphological Parameters and PM2.5 Concentration along the Tramway
  • Understanding Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
2015 CHEUNG Suet Ying Corporate Environmental Citizenship; Case of HSBC
2015 DENG Xinghan Application of Agent Based Model in Environmental Professions
2015 FENG Haiyao Carbon Emission Trading in China
2015 JIA Xian
  • Governmental Carbon Management By Information-Based Platform In Mainland China And Hong Kong
  • Hydrogen Storage Techniques and its Safety Management
2015 LI Zijun Aerosol Reaction Studies Using A Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) Reactor
2015 LIU Yiling The Development of Renewable Energy in China
2015 LYU Antong Quantification of Biomass Burning Tracers in PM2.5 at Four Sites in the Pearl River Delta
2015 RETTIG Lea Andrea The Environmental Health Impact of Nano-silver Particles in Beauty & Personal Hygiene Products
2015 ROSE Emily Rebecca Microalgae: The Future for Sustainable Biofuel
2015 SHI Mingyu Micro-mini Pulsed Electric Field Technology for Point of Use Water Disinfection
2015 TANG Jingsi The Classification of Urban Land Cover in PRD Using Remote Sensing
2015 XU Caiting Policies for Promoting SMEs of Clean Energy in Nanshan Hi-Tech Incubator in Shenzhen
2015 XU Shihao The Promotion of Renewable Energy in China: The Case of Fujian Biomass Energy
2015 YANG Gelin Study of Aminium Sulfate Particle Hygroscopic Properties
2015 ZHAN Yunyi A Comprehensive Review of Hazardous Waste Management at HKUST
2015 ZHONG Danmei The Popularization of Electric Vehicle in China --- What is affecting the popularization?
2015 ZHU Yannan
  • Introduction of LPG Vehicles in Mainland China
  • Frontal Area Influence on PM2.5 Dispersion along the Tramway on Hong Kong Island
2014 Yam Siu Man A study of feasibility of using potted plants to improve IAQ in offices in Hong Kong
2013 - 2014
Year Student Name Title
2014 Chan Tsz Lap Feasibility of Promoting Freecycling as one of the Solutions for Waste Reduction in a Small Community in Hong Kong
2014 Chan Wing Hung A study of the Impacts of Pearl River Delta's Emssion on the air quality in Hong Kong
2014 Chen Fangzhou Searching for the Largest Virus Pandoravirus in Hong Kong
2014 Cheng Sijie Synergy Group: A Case Study of Environmental-friendly Innovations
2014 Cheung Kwan Ho Howard Does Transit-Oriented Development Help Improve Sustainability And Quality Of Life In Hong Kong?
2014 Iu Chun Yip Lawrence Laboratory Safety & chemical waste reduction by heuristics work plan preparation
2014 Lau Mei Kan Green Building Revolution in Hong Kong : A Case study of Ronald Lu & Partners
2014 Leung Kwok Kuen Jacky Haze Pollution in Beijing
2014 Li Shiying Evaluation and Policies suggestions of Macau Electricity Market
2014 Lyu Qiannan MOTORWAVE GROUP: A Case of a HK Company that has Developed an Environmentally Sustainable Innovation
2014 Poon Tsz Hei Assessment on Feasibility of Electricity Import in Hong Kong
2014 Song Jing Risk Assessment of Low-Level Radio-Frequency Radiation of Mobile Communication Devices on Human Health: A Review of Recent Literature
2014 Tao Keqian Indoor Air Quality Test of an Air-conditioned Building with openable windows
2014 Wang Juelei Food Waste Management in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2014 Xie Bingwei Determination of Guangzhou biomass burning combustion aerosol in 2010
2014 Xu Quanang Analysis and Prediction of carbon emission in Energy Consumption in Guangzhou
2014 Yang Shiyi Comprehensiveness of The Chinese Air quality Policies and Legislations: A Comparison Study to U.S.
2013 Man Wai Ying Morphological Analysis of the Hong Kong Building
2013 Yu Weipeng Investigation of Eco-Glass Block in Hong Kong
2012 - 2013
Year Student Name Title
2013 CAI Yibo  The History of Air Pollution Control in Major Countries and Suggestions for Air Quality Enhancement of China
2013 CHAN Kam Cheuk Adrien Exposure to Traffic-related Air Pollution of Children Attending Naturally Ventilated Schools in Hong Kong
2013 CHAN Shuk Ching  Carbon Audit for a Five-star Hotel in Hong Kong
2013 CHEN Jiqiang New findings related to Climate Change since 2007
2013 CHEN Li Measurements and Abundance of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in different Urban Atmospheres
2013 HE Yiting Issues of Photovoltaic Promotion in Jiangsu
2013 LAU Isabelle A study of the stakeholders involved in the distribution system of local organic produce in Hong Kong
2013 LI Beatrice Effect of diatom silica content on protozoan grazing
2013 SUMAYED Syed Muhammed Environmental Metrics, Property Valuation and The Responsible Property Investment process
2013 SUN Tongzhou Water Activity Measurement of Amine Sulfate
2013 SUN Weijun Environmental Impact of Solar Photo-Voltaic Cells: Life Cycle Assessment and Policy Issues
2013 WANG Jun Analysis & Recommendations on Developing Oily Sludge Circular Economy in China
2013 WANG Xin A study on the road side traffic pollution in Causeway Bay
2013 XU Ruo Guang Air-Borne Mold In Residential Indoor Environment and Its Health Implications
2013 YEE Ting Ngar Tina Marine Water Monitoring of Fish Farming Stations in Various Fish Farming Zones
2013 YU Hongzhi New Findings In Climate Change Since 2007
2012 AU-YEUNG Yiu Lam Adrien Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme
2012 PANG Hon Man Joe Closure between hygroscopic growth and chemical composition of ambient aerosols measured at HKUST supersite
2011 - 2012
Year Student Name Title
2012 CHAN Mo Wun Selina Climate change and its effect on agricultural water resources in China
2012 CHAN Wing Yan Daphne Analysis of Ionic Species in Ambient Particulate Matter
2012 CHENG Sixian General Overview of occupational health hazards of API and its hygiene protection in pharmaceutical manufacture industry
2012 HO Chun Yu Health Implications of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Particulates
2012 HUANG Dandan Characterization of oligomeric products from heterogeneous acid-catalyzed reaction of methyl vinyl ketone and their formation reaction mechanisms
2012 LEE Ka Leong Nitrogen Oxides - Air Quality Standards, Monitoring Methods and Concentration Trends in Hong Kong
2012 LI Yunlong Sources and Abundance of HUmic-Like Substances in the Atmosphere of The Pearl River Delta Region: Guangzhou, Tsuen Wan, Nansha
2012 LIU Yunbo The antibiotics resistant organisms' impacts on public health and the reclassification of the antibiotics resistant organisms
2012 LO Wing Yin Cheryl Public Health Management of Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak
2012 LUI Ka Ming An investigation of sediments quality in the Mai Po Marshes
2012 LUO Shiyi The Potential Risks of Nanoparticles in Sunscreens
2012 TSANG Sai Chuen Development of Polyurethane Based Water-borne Coating for Construction Industries
2012 WONG Chun Wai Kinetics of lead and cadmium ion removal by ion exchange resin
2012 YU Yang
  • Variation of Silica Contents of Diatoms Affected by Concentration of Dissolved Silicate
  • Potential Environment, Health and Safety Impacts of Synthetic Biology
2012 YUE Yu Xi A Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Management Program