Message from Division Head

Welcome to the Homepage of the Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Environmental deterioration is a key socioeconomic challenge to Hong Kong, the Pearl River delta region, and the global ecosystem in general. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has made sustainable development and environmental issues a top priority for research and education. HKUST is making significant contributions to these initiatives by coalescing relevant departmental and divisional resources of all of the University's schools to strengthen and fulfill the University's commitment to high quality teaching and research in the myriad aspects of environmental studies. The Division of Environment was established in 2010 to provide a platform to foster existing strengths, enhance cooperation among contributing HKUST academic units and their external research collaborators, and to tackle new challenges in the study and application of environmental sciences, technology and policy.

We strive to cultivate a stimulating research and academic community that endows graduates with knowledge and skills that are crucial to leading the stewardship of global environmental sustainability, and to engaging economic development challenges that arise from resource depletion, climate change, and population growth. We believe that an interdisciplinary emphasis that encompasses the biological, physical and social sciences constitutes a superb foundation to building effective solutions to these challenges. Centered about our vision, we offer rigorous scientific and policy education through classroom lectures, field trips, internships, and independent studies. For details on our academic programs, please visit our Programs page (

The Division of Environment and Sustainability facilitates synergy among our world class faculty members to conduct a wide variety of interdisciplinary research to promote environmental conservatism and to encourage dialog with policy makers and society at large. We also offer opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to engage in research and scholarship. For details on faculty research and pedagogic interests, please visit our Faculty page (


Prof. Jimmy Fung
Professor and Head
Division of Environment and Sustainability