Xun WU

Ph.D.(2001), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability
Professor, Division of Social Science

Tel: (852) 3469 2579
Fax: (852) 2335 9317
Office: Rm 4616A (lift 31/32)

Research Interests
  • Water Resource Management
  • Health Policy
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Policy Design and Innovations 
Recent Publications
  • Whittington, Dale, Celine Nauges, David Fuente, and Xun Wu. A Diagnostic Tool for Estimating the Incidence of Subsidies Delivered by Water Utilities in Developing Countries, Utilities Policy, 34 (C), 2015
  • Wu, Xun, M Ramesh, Michael Howlett, Understanding Policy Capacity: Conceptual Framework and Measurement. Policy & Society, 34 (3-4), 2015
  • Howlett, Michael, M. Ramesh, M. and Xun Wu. Understanding the Persistence of Policy Failures: Politics, Governance and Uncertainty, Public Policy and Administration, 30(3-4), 2015
  • Ramesh, M., Xun Wu, and Michael Howlett, Second Best Governance? Governments and Governance in the Imperfect World of Health Care Delivery in China, India and Thailand in Comparative Perspective. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 17(4), 2015
  • Yang, Wei and Xun Wu. China’s New Cooperative Medical Scheme and Costs of Outpatient Care in Rural Areas: Evidence from a Longitudinal Household Survey, Health Policy and Planning, 30 (2), 2015

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Representative Publications
  • Wu, Xun and M Ramesh. Market Imperfections, Government Imperfections and Innovative Policy Mixes in Singapore. Policy Sciences, 47(3), 2014
  • Wu, Xun, Yanling He, and Tung-Wen Sun, Public Administration Research in Mainland China and Taiwan: An Assessment of Journal Publications 1998-2008, Public Administration, 91 (2), 2013
  • Wu, Xun, Marc Jeuland, Claudia Sadoff and Dale Whittington. Independence in Water Resource Development in the Ganges: An Economic Analysis, Water Policy, 15, 2013
  • Wu, Xun, Allen Lai, Do Lim Choi. Teaching Public Policy in East Asia: Aspirations, Potentials and Challenges, Vol. 14, No. 5, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 14(5), 2012
  • Wu, Xun, and Jingwei He.  Paradigm Shift in Public Administration: Implications for Teaching in MPA Programs, Public Administration Review, Volume 69, Supplement 1, 2009
  • Wu, Xun. Determinants of Bribery in Asia: Evidence from Business Environment Survey, Journal of Business Ethics, 87(1), 2009
  • M Ramesh, and Xun Wu. Health Policy Reform in China: Lessons from Asia, Social Science & Medicine, 68(12), 2009 
  • Wu, Xun, and Nepomuceno A. Malaluan. A Tale of Two Concessionaires: A Natural Experiment of Water Privatization in Metro Manila, Urban Studies, 45(1), 2008
  • Wu, Xun, and Dale Whittington. Incentive Compatibility and Conflict Resolution in International River Basins: A Case Study of the Nile Basin, Water Resources Research, 42 (2), 2006
  • Wu, Xun. Corporate Governance and Corruption: A Cross-Country Analysis, Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions, 18 (2), 2005.