Alexis K H LAU

Ph.D.(1991), Princeton University, USA
Chair Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability
Head, Division of Environment and Sustainability
Chair Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Institute for the Environment
Director, Atmospheric Research Center [Nansha]

Tel: (852) 2358 6944
Fax: (852) 2358 1534
Office: Room 4332 (Lift 3)

Research Area

Energy, Environmental Engineering: Air Quality Study.

Research Interests

Geophysical data analysis, numerical modeling of the atmosphere, regional and urban air pollution, weather and climate, satellite remote sensing applications, environmental education.

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Publications

  • C Lin, AKH Lau, XQ Lao, JCH Fung, X Lu, Z Li, J Ma, C Li, AHS Wong. (2020). A Novel Framework for Decomposing PM2. 5 Variation and Demographic Change Effects on Human Exposure using Satellite Observations, Environmental Research, 109120.
  • Cui Guo, Ta-Chien Chan, Yung-Chu Teng, Changqing Lin, Yacong Bo, Ly-yun Chang, Alexis KH Lau, Tony Tam, Martin CS Wong, Xiang Qian Lao. (2020). Long-term Exposure to Ambient Fine Particles and Gastrointestinal Cancer Mortality in Taiwan: A Cohort study, Environment International 138, 105640.
  • X Zhang, JCH Fung, Y Zhang, AKH Lau, KKM Leung, WW Huang. (2020). Assessing PM2. 5 Emissions in 2020: The Impacts of Integrated Emission Control Policies in China, Environmental Pollution, 114575.
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