Post Date: 26 April 2016

Seoul Study Trip 2016

Sustainable City: We visited a number of organizations and sites, both government and NGO, that play important roles in the sustainable development of Seoul and represent the achievements of the city. They cover various aspects of Seoul; from food to product safety, from air-water-solid waste management, to transportation and overall urban environment management, as well as culture and education. This was an eye-opening trip. Not only did it show us what was being done in the field of sustainability, but why those cases that we saw have been so successful. It also made us rethink our situation here in Hong Kong and what we could do to make Hong Kong a sustainable city.

The 6-day, 6-night trip included visits to:

  • A traffic related test facility in the Institute of Environmental Research
  • A metropolitan landfill site and a waste incinerator in Seoul
  • National Institute of Biological Resources
  • An Air Quality Monitoring Station in Seoul
  • A NGO specializing in traffic related environmental problems
  • Ewha Woman’s University
  • Cheonggyecheon and the Museum of the Cheongyecheon Project


Date : 10 Jan 2016 (Sunday) - 16 Jan 2016 (Saturday)